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Who Is Seshat?

Seshat is the Egyptian Goddess or Netert of writing, communication, and learning.

She is the guardian of culture.

Thus, she is the best possible Goddess to guide our strivings to share our minds and hearts as the Retinue of Aset, The Fellowship of Isis.

We dedicate this magazine to Her.

What Is Isis-Seshat?

Isis-Seshat is the personal post of the Fellowship of Isis.

It contains material submitted by members of the Fellowship of Isis.

Isis-Seshat is a way for FOI members to stay connected with each other, and to share their creativity.

Isis-Seshat is available in both print and online forms.

Isis-Seshat supplements the information found on the Fellowship of Isis websites . and Isian News.

Isis-Seshat contains letters, poems, stories, news, announcements, rituals, meditations, original artwork, essays, and more. 

Isis-Seshat is a forum for you, the reader and Fellowship of Isis member.


Lady Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship Of Isis, authorized the publication of Isis-Seshat, which she describes as "the personal post of the Fellowship of Isis." A brief recap of the history of Isis-Seshat can be found at: Fellowship of Isis Central.

For years, Lady Olivia published Isian News, the official newsletter of the Fellowship of Isis. (The prior link is to the current editions of Isian News, published since 2013.) Isian News originally played a vital role, in the days before the Internet, in connecting Fellowship of Isis members worldwide. Archives of materials from before Lady Olivia passed away in 2013 are also available at:    

Isis-Seshat strives to emulate the lively function of the old Isian News, (as archived here and above) - to fill a need for all members, both online and offline,to share their creative writing, visual art, and research. Our current Executive Editor is Anna Applegate. The late Rt. Rev. Deena Butta (former executive editor and co-founder of Isis-Seshat with Lady Olivia Robertson) asked Anna to continue publication of the journal/magazine. Current information about the call for submissions can be found on Anna's blogspot, Amor et Mortem.

Your Role

We invite all Fellowship Of Isis members to participate in Isis-Seshat. Share you thoughts by writing to us. Share your hearts by sending us your creative work. Share your spirit by sending us rituals and meditations.

And please spread the word about Isis-Seshat to all FOI members!



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