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2012 Rates: We will run print ads in the back of the magazine at the rate of 5 cents per word.

We also accept picture ads (i.e. camera-ready ads) at the following rates: Full page: $30 Half page: $15 Quarter page: $8 1/8 page (business card size): $5

These fees pay for one year (i.e. 4 issues) of advertising.

Please send print ads in the body of an email if sent electronically. Attach picture ads as a separate file, preferably a jpg at 300 dpi.

Email submissions to Anna Applegate at hekua.yansa@gmail.com or mail to 6122 S. Kenwood Ave., Chicago IL 60637. Make checks out to "Anna Applegate" with "magazine ad" in the memo space.

Contributors of Articles, large artwork, and long reports  receive free advertising.

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