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USA, Canada, Mexico: $11.00 postage-paid for one issue; $44.00 postage-paid for a four-issue subscription. Elsewhere: $15.00 per issue postage-paid, and $60.00 postage-paid for a four -issue subscription.

Payment Methods

TO PAY BY PAYPAL:  1) go to https://www.paypal.com   2) click on "send money" and send the amount to anna.applegate@yahoo.com   3) write "Isis-Seshat" in the subject line .  Remember to include your mailing address; and to tell us with which issue you want your subscription to start...with the current issue, or with a specific number .

TO PAY BY CHECK: Make check or money order payable to "Anna Applegate," and write "magazine" in memo blank.  .  Mail to: 

 Isis-Seshat, c/o Lyceum of Alexandria Mishigami; 6122 S. Kenwood Ave., Chicago IL  60637 USA




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